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Deportation is never something you want to face alone. Not only is immigration law extremely complicated; it’s an area that is constantly changing. If you or a person you know is facing deportation, we highly suggest you seek advice and representation from a skilled immigration lawyer to:

  • Evaluate your case to identify how you can increase your chances of not being deported from this country.
  • Help you fight your case and apply for any forms of relief from deportation that are available to you.
  • Represent you if you are placed in deportation proceedings due to a previous conviction of one or more criminal violations.

At Shaftel Law, we have a firm understanding of the U.S. immigration and criminal justice systems. Our founder and head immigration attorney Matt Shaftel is both skilled at successfully fighting against deportation to keep clients in this country and experienced as a criminal defense attorney and federal public defender. Whether you are in need of deportation defense, representation in immigration court or if you are facing criminal charges, contact us to go over your options. Se habla Español.

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Facing Criminal Charges

Hourglass representing H-1B visa applicationIf you are a non-citizen who is facing criminal charges, we suggest immediately consulting an immigration lawyer. Because your conviction could lead to deportation, it’s imperative that you seek legal advice to avoid conviction and explore your options prior to taking a deal or pleading guilty. Learn more about how Shaftel Law can offer guidance as experts in criminal defense and immigration so you can quickly find the best path possible.

Representación Legal en Corte de Inmigración

Staff of Denver Immigration Firm Shaftel LawShaftel Law puede representarse en la corte de inmigración si se enfrenta deportación. El abogado de inmigración Matt Shaftel tiene mucha experiencia en la defensa de inmigrantes en la corte federal, incluido ayudando los que se enfrentan cargos criminals, y el habla español fluidamente. Aprenda más sobre cómo trabajar con nuestro equipo de expertos para evitar deportación y encontrar la mejor solución posible para permanecer legalmente en este país.