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If you or a person you know is facing deportation, it is extremely important that you seek advice and representation from a skilled attorney. Immigration law is an extremely complicated area of law that is constantly changing. A skilled immigration attorney can evaluate your case and greatly increase your chances of not being deported from this country. If a person does not fight their case and concedes deportation, it will be extremely difficult, and often impossible, to ever have a chance of legally returning to the United States.

Many individuals are placed in deportation proceedings because they have already been convicted of one or more criminal violations. It is extremely important to have an attorney represent you who understands our immigration system as well as our criminal justice system.

Not only is Mr. Shaftel skilled in successfully fighting against deportation so that his clients can stay in this country, but he is an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mr. Shaftel worked as a Federal Public Defender in San Diego, California, defending immigrants facing lengthy prison terms for illegally entering the country following deportation as well as clients charged with drug and smuggling crimes.

Mr. Shaftel is fluent in Spanish so he can directly communicate with his clients without the need of an interpreter.

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