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Father and son holding hands representing family green cards for members of lawful permanent residents for Shaftel Law
Certain relatives of Lawful Permanent Residents also have a right to become LPRs, but also have to wait long periods of time after filing an initial application before they can become LPRs.  These individuals include:

  • Spouses of LPRs
  • Unmarried children of any age of LPRs

Despite the fact that non-Immediate Relatives of U.S. citizens and relatives of LPRs often have to wait for a period of time before they become LPRs, the only way to establish their place in line is to file the first part of the application (Form I-130) as soon as possible.

Before filing Form I-130, it is very important to speak with an immigration attorney in order to evaluate whether there are other issues, such as previous immigration or criminal violations, that could prevent a person from becoming a LPR despite their relationship to a U.S. citizen or LPR.

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