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Student representing F-1 student visa for Shaftel Law
Most students come to the U.S. in either F-1 or J-1 status. To obtain F-1 status, a student must apply to and be accepted by an U.S. university. While a school’s Foreign Student Office issues the appropriate paperwork to obtain F-1 status, a student may encounter complicated issues and even fall out of F-1 student status. If a student is no longer enrolled at the school that sponsored the student and the foreign student office is unwilling or unable to apply for reinstatement of student status, it is imperative that the student consult with an immigration attorney to understand their immigration options.

Many individuals are interested in studying in the U.S. but have not yet applied to and been accepted by a U.S. university. The process of entering as an tourist with the intent to visit and make a decision regarding a U.S. university can become complicated depending on whether an individual hopes to remain in the U.S. upon application and admission to a school or intends to return to their home country. To ensure that a person has a prospective student plan that is consistent with the immigration laws governing B-1 (tourist) and F-1 status, it is important to speak with an immigration attorney before coming to the United States (or as soon as possible after entering the U.S.).

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