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Courthouse pillars representing immigration law case studies
The following success studies highlight our victories in our more challenging cases. In our more straightforward cases, we successfully obtain greencards, visas and citizenship for our clients on a daily basis. However, it is our victories in our most challenging cases that we are most proud of.

As experts in deportation defense and family and employment immigration, we have handled numerous complex cases with outstanding results. Immigration law can be complicated, but with our know-how, we help our clients attain the best possible outcome.

Fast Approvals for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Clients

We have recently obtained two approvals for EB-1 extraordinary ability scientists. Both were approved within two weeks, after filing the petitions with premium processing. The first individual is doing brilliant work related to new technology that treats brain tumors in children. The second individual is leading a group of electrical engineers and computer programmers that are developing technology that will […]

Client Granted Asylum After Overcoming Marriage Fraud and One-Year Issues

Our client was placed in deportation proceedings after her adjustment of status application was denied by USCIS, based on accusations of marriage fraud. During the marriage, she became pregnant by another man who was not her husband. USCIS based their fraud finding on this fact and a number of other false allegations related to whether […]

Successful Adjustment of Status for Woman with Severe Mental Health Disorder

Our client hired us to file an adjustment of status application for her mother, who had arrived in the U.S. without permission and resided here for decades. Based on the fact that an aunt had filed an immigration application for the mother before April 30, 2001, we were able to take advantage of 245(i) eligibility. […]

Approved I-360 and Greencard after Petitioner Revokes I-130

Client hired SHAFTEL LAW for his adjustment of status interview right after he separated from his wife due to a nasty fight that resulted in domestic violence charges against her. Unfortunately, his bitter wife withdrew the underlying I-130 petition, forcing USCIS to deny his adjustment of status application. Our office then prepared a VAWA I-360 self-petition for him, based on being […]

2nd I-140 Approved After Previous Denial

After obtaining a certified labor certification for a complicated position (an artistic design position), our firm was excited to proceed to step 2 of the greencard process (the I-140) for our clients, as that we had predicted that step 1 would be the most difficult step of the process (this is usually the case). However, […]